Shelby has lived through the many trials and tribulations of entrepreneurship. He had his first successful start-up at 18 years old and it was then that he realized that entrepreneurship would be his life’s calling in one form or another. In addition to four successful start-ups, Shelby worked in the Aerospace industry as a Corporate Executive where he managed teams, production plants and handled mergers and acquisitions. It was the experiences that he had as an entrepreneur and how strongly he identified with many of the unique characteristics of entrepreneurs which ultimately led Shelby to discover his true passion – helping fellow entrepreneurs and business leaders grow their businesses as well as adding value to the Forum experience.  In Shelby’s words “I believe that life has prepared me for the work I do as a business coach, implementer and Forum Facilitator”

Early in his career Shelby joined the Entrepreneurs Organization (EO).  While volunteering as a local board member and regional director for EO, he discovered the desire and true gift he had in helping other business leaders to achieve and get more from their companies.  In 2003 he was certified as a Forum Facilitator for EO and became an expert in small group dynamics, leadership and higher level communication among business leaders. Shelby then furthered his learning and teaching specialty by receiving certification from the Young Presidents Organization (YPO) as a Certified Forum Facilitator.  He focused on specializing in Leadership Transformational Change, Leadership Vulnerability and facilitating Forum retreats spanning business and personal issues for CEO’s and Entrepreneurs.

In 2014, after three years of research, study, and deep personal reflection Shelby decided to sell his third start-up business so he could focus and dedicate his life to helping business owners/executives and their leadership teams get what they want out of their business and their life.  In other words, help business leaders tap in to their full potential.  Shelby continued his learning and accreditation by becoming a Professional EOS Implementer™ and quickly received his Certified EOS Implementer™ status within his first year.

Shelby’s personal interests include nutrition, physical/mental/spiritual health, sailing, and playing hockey. He is happily married, is a dedicated loving father to three beautiful children and loves spending quality time with his family.

Shelby works with clients in the US and Canada. He is fluent in both French and English.

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