The impact of a Forum Retreat can be transformational both personally and professionally

Forum Retreats

Forum retreats are designed to create an opportunity for the forum group to build a stronger bond. Shelby has led dozens of retreats including half-day topical workshops, full-day workshops and multi-day experiential retreats. He has over 15 years of experience facilitating retreats and workshops for EO, YPO and Forum Sherpa. Shelby’s unique background as an EO & YPO forum facilitator and BOSS Certified Business Coach combined with his personal experience as a business leader and entrepreneur and his extensive knowledge of group dynamics and forum workings are key contributors to his delivery of highly impactful retreat experiences. He has a collaborative, open and engaging style which allows him to create deep and meaningful connections, self-reflection and engagement. Each retreat experience is uniquely designed to meet the goals, needs and interest of the group.

What People are Saying

Retreat & Workshop Options


Customized: Based on the results from a Forum Health Survey, Shelby will create a customized Retreat Agenda tailored to your Forum. The result is a meaningful retreat experience whereby forum members gain a deeper understanding of the group dynamics and identify issues, strengths, and areas to improve.


Theme experience: (intended for high functioning forum groups)

Customized for Your Forum: Stretch your imagination, expand your boundaries and get ready to experience a truly unique, once in a lifetime adventure specifically catered to suit the needs of your forum.
Discovering Your Next Thing: Self-discovery of your future potential – journey through 3 stages of powerful self-reflection, awareness and deep discovery.


Forum Launch: Designed for new forum groups enabling them to learn together and create a strong forum group.


Forum Refresh: Designed for experienced forums who need a boost to recharge their forum, diving into deep discussions and strengthening the forum experience both individually and collectively.

Retreat Planning & Preparation

  • Receive email or phone call from the retreat organizer.
  • We will respond to the inquiry by email within 48 hours to setup a call with Shelby (retreat facilitator) and the retreat planner.
1st One-on-one call with Shelby
  • 1st Phone meeting: Preliminary discussion with Shelby to explore the opportunity and establish a fit/connection and discuss the retreat objectives.
  • Information about the forum group will be gathered during the call: objectives for the retreat, composition of the forum and pertinent points about the forum’s history, location for the retreat, length of the retreat, names and email addresses of each forum member.
Follow-up Email Confirmation
  • Provide brief review of discussion/agreement during the phone meeting: availability, proposed next steps and cost.
Letter of Agreement & Deposit
  • A letter of agreement is sent detailing the commitment and expectations of both parties and the payment terms for the retreat: 50% facilitation fee deposit upon signing of the agreement and final payment (remaining facilitation fee plus travel and accommodation expenses) upon receipt of an invoice from The Forum Coach.
Confidential On-line Forum Health Survey Launched
  • Based on the briefing from the initial call with the retreat planner, Shelby will tailor a questionnaire to gather feedback from all the forum group members.
  • An email is sent to the forum members to complete the survey within a designated timeframe.
  • Survey results are compiled and analyzed.
Customized Retreat Agenda
  • From the results of the survey and the initial phone call, Shelby will design a retreat agenda and identify exercises focused on meeting the forum’s expectations and providing an impactful retreat experience for everyone.
2nd One-on-one call with Shelby
  • A second call takes place between Shelby and the retreat planner to review and discuss the proposed agenda.
Workbooks & Post Program Evaluations Email
  • Workbooks are prepared and printed for the retreat. Shelby will distribute these on the 1st day of the retreat.
  • An email is sent to the forum members to complete a Post Program Evaluation.
The Retreat
  • Get ready to experience a highly impactful  journey of deep connection, learning and self-discovery.
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