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EO is the world’s most influential community of entrepreneurs, supporting today’s business owners on their path to greater professional success and personal fulfillment through dynamic peer-to-peer learning, once-in-a-lifetime experiences and connections to experts.

EO Forum

Forum is the highest-rated benefit of EO membership, a Forum fosters peer-to-peer sharing between members in a trusted and confidential environment. Looking to draw from the expertise that only another entrepreneur would have? Forum offers a format where the complex intersections between your business, personal life and community engagement can all be addressed head-on, so that you can achieve fulfillment in all your endeavors.

Shelby Hacala:
EO Certified Forum Facilitator/Trainer

Shelby has been a member of the EO community since 1995. He has volunteered as a local chapter board member in several roles including; Forum chair, Mentorship chair, Educational chair, and Strategic Alliance Chair, he also launched the Accelerator program for the Montreal Chapter. As a longtime member in his own forum group, Shelby experienced firsthand the significance and impact of being part of forum. It was during that period when he discovered the desire and true gift he had in helping other business leaders to achieve and get more from their companies. Since becoming a Certified Trainer in 2003 Shelby has facilitated groups in forum programs, workshops and customized retreats across Canada, the US, Europe and India.  His area of expertise lies in small group dynamics, leadership and high-level communication among business leaders. Shelby’s ability to connect with others and to challenge them beyond their comfort zone along with his deep knowledge of forum workings is what makes him uniquely qualified to provide top quality forum facilitation experiences.

Why Work with Shelby

  • Involved forum member: over 22 years of knowledge and practical experience as an active forum member and facilitator
  • Over 30 years of practical entrepreneurial experience combined with extensive forum facilitation expertise
  • Fully bilingual (English & French): inter-culturally open and responsive
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